Austin Networks, LLC 


At Austin Networks we create innovative and laser focused marketing campaigns designed to explode the growth of your company. Marketing is really a science that can work wonders for your company IF done properly. We show you how!

We practice our patented Subconscious Marketing Principle (SMP). This principle states that about 6% of why people buy what they buy is a conscious decision. The other 94% of why people buy what they buy is purely on a subconscious level. We discovered that human beings make decisions based on their current emotional state and their current emotional state is controlled by 2 powerful principles. First, they want to avoid any kind of pain at all costs. Second, they want to have as much pleasure as possible in their lives. We discovered that any product or service can be marketed in a way to literally force the consumer to pull out his or her credit card and pay for what you are offering.

We help you see directly into the minds of your consumers and give them exactly what they will pay you for.

Remember, we show you how!